Video Tutorials


Fix Adamote by Magnetic Bricks



Installation Locations


Pair Sync

Pairing / Syncing with Wii Remotes

Feature Settings

MotionPlus Calibration in Mode A

Cursor Range Setting in Mode A

Absolute/Relative Cursor & Browser/Gaming Switch in Mode A

Default / Customized Macro Key Mapping

Switch 1P / 2P in Mode A

Internet Surfering

 Microsoft Internet Explorer with Adamote (Windows)

Safari with Adamote (Mac OS)


Adamote Macro Setting Software Usage

 Generate Macro Booklet

 Load Macro from File

 Save Macro to File

 Load Macro from Adamote

 Write Macro into Adamote

 Change DS4 LED

 Set DS3 AnalogStick as JoyStick Axes

 Set DS3 AnalogStick as Mouse Axes

 Set DS3 AnalogStick as Keyboard Keys


AKAR CPU Benchmark Usage