Transform Your PC Gaming with Adamote


The keyboard and mouse has been the standard for first person shooters, point and click adventures and strategy games since the early days of PC gaming. For years manufacturers have tried to recreate the console experience with PC gamepads but most gamepad designs are cumbersome, expensive and feature low quality designs.

Frustrated gamers have turned to emulation software that allow them to use their PS3 controllers, Wii/Wii U remotes on their PC’s – but the software can be buggy, has OS compatibility issues and requires tedious manual configuration.

Adamote eliminates the frustration, giving a single space saving and affordable solution to use your current gen console controllers on any PC regardless of the OS you’re running. Now you can transform your gaming experience and get yourself to the top of the leaderboards faster without the hassle of software and driver configuration.

Adamote is the easiest plug and play solution to connect up to two Wii Remotes, Wii U Pro Controllers, PS3 DualShock 3 Controllers or even the latest PS3 DualShock 4 Controllers to PC, Mac, Android, or Linux so you can spend more time gaming. Featuring bundled AMSS and Akar Emulator software, Adamote connects flawlessly via USB with built in infared (IR) sensors for Wii remotes.



Spend More On Games Not Hardware.


Every PC gamer who has ever used a commercial gamepad designed for their system knows how quickly the controllers wear down. Buttons and triggers become less responsive and analog/dpad controls get loose fast.

Console controllers were designed to take a lot of abuse, and stand up to regular wear and tear. When you use your console controllers on your PC with the Adamote there are no additional controller purchases necessary and you can trust in the quality of the controller designs offered by Sony and Nintendo. No more purchasing and replacing expensive PC gamepads, and that means you’ve got more money to spend on hot new game releases.


Maximize Your Game Time with Adamote


Sync time is minimized with Adamote, giving you the fastest way to connect your Wii remotes to your PC. The Adamote transforms your Wii into an air mouse without the frustration of software configuration. You can even connect two Wii remotes on the fly for multiplayer gaming or two-handed games.

Your PC gaming experience can now be enjoyed with two or more friends! For other controller types, the Adamote fully supports those devices with individual system mapping to keyboard, mouse or joystick.

With the time you save avoiding configuration, constant syncing or driver installation and updates you’ll be able to spend that precious free time doing what you love. Frag out!


Free up Space and Game Anywhere with Adamote


Our focus is making PC gaming easy and accessible. That’s why we’ve designed the slimmest infrared sensor bar in the industry without impact to your gaming experience. Not only with this minimize space in a desktop gaming environment, but the Adamote is completely portable if you game on the go with a laptop.

The Adamote even fits snuggly into any carry bag or backpack, so you can take your favorite PC games and console controllers with you, wherever you go. Game on break at work, get into your favorite FPS between classes at school, or team up with some friends with ease at your next LAN party


Boost Scores and Unlock More Achievements, And Double Your Head Shots


While the Adamote effectively connects your PS3 & PS4 controllers to your PC with ease, we’ve gone to great lengths to create the most accurate sensor bar for Wii remotes in the Adamote. Using the patent pending Hybrid Cursor Positioning (HCP) the Adamote can switch IR mouse and Motion Plus mouse when you use the motion plus with your Wii remotes. You won’t experience a more accurate Wii experience with any other device or software.

Why let clumsy aftermarket PC controllers ruin your experience? With more accurate control you can tackle the toughest in game challenges and taking your gaming to the next level.


Flexible Configuration Makes PC Gaming Easy with Console Controllers


Adamote is the most flexible device customizable to fit your gaming needs. AMSS (Adamote Macro Setting Software) can customize any connected device to keyboard input, mouse, or joystick. AMSS can also assign which mouse style to use: IR mouse, HCP mouse, or MotionPlus mouse. AMSS is used for saving the settings to an Adamote device only, so it’s not a requirement for gaming. The versatility of the Adamote even allows you to connect multiple controller types at the same time.

Want to play with a Wii remote and a PS3 controller at once? Off-the-shelf macro settings let you play hot games like Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry with a PS3 controller while having a Wii remote at the ready for specific in game functions.

Most importantly, you can bring the multiplayer couch experience to your desktop or laptop so no matter where you are you can challenge your friends or play coop in your favorite PC games.


Keep Friends and Family Entertained Anywhere, Transform Your Laptop into a Portable Wii


Going on a vacation, road trip or just traveling to see family? Whether it’s for you or for your family, Adamote lets you take the fun with you so there’s never a dull moment!

Adamote is the most convenient and portable Wii. Akar Emulator. Our application makes it easy to run most backup Wii games on PCs or notebooks. In Akar Emulator mode, Adamote supports 4 Wii Remotes, just like your Wii.

Back up games with ease and even use special Wii peripherals like the Wii balance board on your PC. You can even use the Akar CPU Benchmark to test your system to ensure that the machine is up to snuff for running the Akar Emulator or to check the compatibility of your favorite games.


The Only Device Capable of Bringing Motion Sensing Abilities to Your PC & 2 New Features.


The Adamote is the only game device that gives you full control of your Wii, DS3, and DS4 controller’s motion sensing abilities. This is a huge advancement in gaming technology; this special function allows you to use the X, Y, and Z controller axes when playing driving games on your PC. The motion sensing ability lets you use your console controller just like a steering wheel and puts the seamless driving feel right in your hands. There is not a single hardware-syncing device on the market that offers you the dynamic range of your console controllers on your PC like the Adamote does and we guarantee it. (The motion sensing feature even works on your DS3 & DS4 controllers while emulating as Xbox360 controllers.)

We’ve also unlocked 2 additional abilities for the Adamote to give you even greater control over your gaming. The Adamote is now fully compatible with Dual Shock 4 controllers giving you full function of the touch pad and motion sensors. We’ve also given the Adamote the ability to emulate Xbox 360 controllers, which brings the Xbox lovers the familiar feel and control to their PC.

Now you have even more ability to connect anywhere with your friends and game.

Let Us Prove It – Take Adamote for a Test Drive


We’re so confident that the Adamote will transform your gaming experience, giving you unparalleled control by hooking your PS3 and Wii remotes to your PC, that we’re offering a 30 day unconditional guarantee. After 30 days, if you’re not fully satisfied with the Adamote we will issue a full refund on return of the product, minus shipping and handling charges.

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