About Us

The Beginning of Adamote.

We are not average game geeks. We are pro embedded wireless software engineers.
After countless years of frustration and struggling with inferior products, we decided it was time to do something.

This was the wrong gamer to cross. We went to work.



We formed AKAR, a company dedicated to changing the way gamers game. We wanted to use our powers for good and create a device that would become the ultimate gamer’s secret weapon. We ended up creating a device unlike anything else on the market.

There is absolutely no product on the market today that gives you the seamless feel of your console controllers on your PC. We, being the perfectionists (or insane gamers), are never happy with the bogus software that took hours to miserably hook up your game controller to your PC.


The Secret Weapon. 

What resulted was the Adamote. The only way true gamers can hook up their game controllers to their PC’s flawlessly. A simple plug and play solution that gives you the perfect feel at a moments notice. Bring the device anywhere. Plug it into any PC or laptop and get the precise game controller feel you deserve.

The Adamote was our secret weapon to gaming. We had built a device that gave the complete control of console controllers on PC’s and the online world. We then realized the potential this device had in the gaming community and decided to share it with other frustrated gamers.


The Awaited Release.

Now you can own the hours of research we took to create this incredible gaming advancement. This insane new way to play games gives you unreal control of your gaming capabilities.

Only newbs use flawed technology. If you want to be spanked repeatedly online we’re not going to stop you, but if you want to be on the edge of the gaming revolution, may we suggest you try the Adamote.